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Pulling changes from one branch to another in git

Sometime ago I had the nice idea of suggesting my boss we should rewrite the build system, to automate many tasks we were doing by hand or scripting, our old build system was based on SCons so I took this … Continue reading

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Split folder from project with full history, branches and tags

This simple script allows to split a folder from a project (make a backup first!), and will keep all branches and valid tags that use this folder. The script takes 3 arguments: url from which we get the repo, folder … Continue reading

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Git Notes

Some git notes or future reference: Get all changes between two tags that modify certain files. FILES=$(git diff –name-only remotes/origin/aosp-new/ics-mr1-release ics | grep -i blue) git log –no-merges –stat remotes/origin/aosp-new/ics-mr1-release..ics ${FILES} Replace AOSP repository with one from CodeAurora cd external/bluetooth/bluez … Continue reading

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