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Lessons from building AOSP and CM

A few notes from my builds on AOSP and CM. Google made a great work with they’re build system, but many of this features are non documented :S, or not documented on the web … boomer. Anyway, there are many … Continue reading

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Splitting changes from CodeAuroraForum into Android Open Source Software by rebasing and branching

Here are some useful instructions on how to add some of the changes that CodeAuroraForum did to the Bluetooth stack on AOSP so they can be integrated into CyanogenMod. Don’t think you can ahead and do this without reading rebase … Continue reading

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Git Notes

Some git notes or future reference: Get all changes between two tags that modify certain files. FILES=$(git diff –name-only remotes/origin/aosp-new/ics-mr1-release ics | grep -i blue) git log –no-merges –stat remotes/origin/aosp-new/ics-mr1-release..ics ${FILES} Replace AOSP repository with one from CodeAurora cd external/bluetooth/bluez … Continue reading

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Installing XUbuntu with Radeon HD 6620G

Ok, this is a quick not complete guide on what where the steps I needed to follow in order to install XUbuntu 11.10 into my NV55S05u. Basically the problem is that the guys from Ubuntu decided not to include the … Continue reading

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Serving static content from egg files with Twisted

So it’s been a long time since I started working on AIRi package and now it’s time to start addressing performance issues. One of the problems was that I noticed it wasn’t using the browser cache at all! By researching … Continue reading

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Puzzles de Facebook

Entonces un día sucedió… Ya casi me recibí y no queda otra, hay que buscar trabajo, la cosa es que miéntras buscaba me tope con los puzzles de Facebook y empece a resolver un par… bueno por ahora uno. Acá … Continue reading

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Leyendo el RTC con Python

En la segunda parte del trabajo práctico número 5 de Informática Electrónica se propone leer el RTC en un sistema Linux haciendo uso de la interfaz ioctl, resulta que investigando un poco encontramos que hay una forma aún mejor y … Continue reading

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