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Como usar grupos de whatsapp, conservando a tus amigos y tu batería!!

Introducción Hace un tiempo que utilizo WhatsApp y desdé hace aproximadamente un año empecé a usar los servicios de grupos, lo cuáles sin la correcta configuración se pueden convertir en una tortura más que en un placer. Acá recopilo algunos … Continue reading

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Notes on cross compiling apps that depends on Qt4 from Linux with Mingw

This is are just some remind notes for my self for future reference: Install QtSdk (couldn’t do it with Wine used virtualbox) Copy c:\QtSdk\Desktop\<version>\mingw folders include, mkspecs, translations, lib and plugins into the host Pass -L and -I accordly Move … Continue reading

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Pulling changes from one branch to another in git

Sometime ago I had the nice idea of suggesting my boss we should rewrite the build system, to automate many tasks we were doing by hand or scripting, our old build system was based on SCons so I took this … Continue reading

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PyDay Rosario 2013: Principal

Ideal para aquellos que quieran aprender un poco de que se trata Python antes que se realice la PyCon 2013 acá en Rosario 1° Jornada de Python en Rosario – Santa Fe via PyDay Rosario 2013: Principal.  

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Freescale Freedom Development Platform FRDM-KL25Z programming with Linux

I got this nice board about a month ago, and yet I couldn’t find the time to play much with it… until today. I unboxed the board a couple of weeks ago, and I noticed the only way to program … Continue reading


Migrating large svn repositories into git

Introduction While working at Evolution Robotics (now part of iRobot) I was in charge of migrating some of they’re svn repositories into git, one was in particular was really complicated and forced me and my colleague to learn lots of … Continue reading

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Split folder from project with full history, branches and tags

This simple script allows to split a folder from a project (make a backup first!), and will keep all branches and valid tags that use this folder. The script takes 3 arguments: url from which we get the repo, folder … Continue reading

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Lessons from building AOSP and CM

A few notes from my builds on AOSP and CM. Google made a great work with they’re build system, but many of this features are non documented :S, or not documented on the web … boomer. Anyway, there are many … Continue reading

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Splitting changes from CodeAuroraForum into Android Open Source Software by rebasing and branching

Here are some useful instructions on how to add some of the changes that CodeAuroraForum did to the Bluetooth stack on AOSP so they can be integrated into CyanogenMod. Don’t think you can ahead and do this without reading rebase … Continue reading

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Git Notes

Some git notes or future reference: Get all changes between two tags that modify certain files. FILES=$(git diff –name-only remotes/origin/aosp-new/ics-mr1-release ics | grep -i blue) git log –no-merges –stat remotes/origin/aosp-new/ics-mr1-release..ics ${FILES} Replace AOSP repository with one from CodeAurora cd external/bluetooth/bluez … Continue reading

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